You, Me and the Movies is one of those books that would not be out of place as a Richard Curtis film, a story of love and heartbreak that’s punctured with old movies.

Arden hasn’t had an easy life, and it seems she is somewhat living under a shadow, when a hospital visit to a friends leads to an unexpected reunion with her former love.

The story travels back and forth from present day to Arden’s time at university beautifully – you never feel lost.  It’s at university that Arden meets & falls in love with film lecturer Mac, embarking on a love affair that doesn’t last but that stays with her, her whole life. When she meets Mac again in hospital he is unable to communicate, but Arden reconnects with him through the memories of the films they watched together.

You can’t help but be invested in Arden and her story, and her story is told so beautifully it will wrench your heart. A timeless story of love, loss and second chances

You, Me and the Movies Book Cover You, Me and the Movies
Fiona Collins
Transworld Digital
4 April 2019

When Arden meets Mac she quickly falls for the handsome, charismatic film lecturer. Their love is the sort you see in movies: dramatic, exciting and all-consuming… and complicated.

A love like theirs could never last.

But years later, whilst visiting a friend in hospital, Arden sees the one face she could never forget. Badly injured, Mac can only make brief references to the classic films they once watched together. Which is all it takes for Arden to remember everything…

Will Arden ever find a movie-worthy love again?

Unique and true-to-life, You, Me and the Movies is a love story like no other. Perfect for fans of David Nicholls, Jojo Moyes and Richard Curtis films this book will leave you crying big, fat tears of joy and sadness.

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