What a great little collection of short stories!

I was looking for something easy to read between books and found this little gem amongst my to read pile, it’s full of well written stories (as with any collection some are better then others, some are flicked through if I’m honest because they weren’t holding my attention), but overall this was well worth the read.

There’s some really chilling tails in this collection, from the woman who smashes up a shop, the lady recounting her story of being held captive as a child and the father who returns home having just murdered his child, these may be short but they grip you and chill you to the bone.


Unthology 5 Book Cover Unthology 5
Unthank Books
25th June 2014

In the latest Unthank Books' celebrated series, you find yourself surfacing, dazed in the waiting room. You read snatches of lines over the shoulders of raincoats. In the carriage you have glimpses and visions. At your destination you can hear space, see thunder, taste realization. You are running towards something, someone in the trees who holds out to you an understanding hand. Welcome to the wonderful and sometimes frightening world of UNTHOLOGY 5.

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