With thanks to Titan books for a copy of this book.

A beautiful hardcover book containing the twisted short stories of Roman Dirge.

Each story is wonderfully tragic & twisted. I think adults & some adult children with s dark sense of humour will really enjoy these. There’s definitely a hint of Tim Burton in amongst the pages.

what really makes this books are the beautiful illustrations that bring the stories to life! If you’re a little bit twisted check this out!

The Cat with the really big head Book Cover The Cat with the really big head
Roman Dirge
Titan Comics
30th June 2015

This is the tragic story of a cat called Cat and his stupidly enormous over-sized head as he struggles with day-to-day problems like coping with hairballs, trying to eat Chunky Beef Chunk With Beef catfood or dealing with the neighbourhood mouse, Mr. Stinky and his army of annoying mice. Life hasn't dealt Cat a good hand, but still there's always the prospect of reincarnation and a better life isn't there..?

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