Review Policy

All reviews will be honest and based on our thoughts and opinions of the books we have read. Myself and Amy do this as a hobby and for our sheer enjoyment of reading, not for personal gain. So at times it may take a little while to get a review up for your book, so please bare with us. Between us there are two young children and full time jobs and so family time will take precedence. We are therefore unable to guarantee an exact date by which the book will be read and reviewed. We promise to read and review all books in a timely manner, and will get around to them all at some point. If however, you do have a date by which you would like a book to be reviewed, then please let us know and we will let you know if we are unable to meet your deadline.

Myself and Amy enjoy a wide variety of genres and authors. Genres include; chick lit, crime/thriller, fantasy, YA, children’s books (I have a toddler)

Authors; J K Rowling, Sophie Kinsella, JoJo Moyes, Jeffery Deaver, Kathy Reiches, Ali Harris, Lyndsey Kelk, Stephenie Meyer.

This list is just a snap shot of some of our favourites, it would be impossible to list them all. We are willing to read most books as we both like to discover new genres and authors. So if you have a book you would like us to review, please contact us on the form below or via email for consideration.

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