The paradox child tells the story of Lily & her discovery of her families involvement in time traveling from the secret underground areas of the Pitts river museum. This would make a good read for pre-teens, the characters are interesting and the plot very easy to follow, with a mix of the extraordinary. I was able to easily put this book down and come back to it later and carry on with the plot without having to remind myself what happened previously. This is the first part of what I understand is to be a trilogy and has an interesting cliffhanger of an ending, which encourages moving on to the next book.

The book was written by Yates who herself is dyslexic, and yes there are some small spelling errors but I think this book is a great success for the author and even more so for her on a personnel level!  I wish her great success in her future writing!

Paradox Child Book Cover Paradox Child
Paradox Child Series
Jane Yates
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Set in the 1980’s most of the drama for this time traveling adventure is set in the Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford UK.

Lilly's family has an extraordinary secret, one they have kept for four generations. Lilly's proud to be different and special. At Hallowe'en she's happy to stay at home and cast spells with her mum and her gran rather than go out trick or treating like the other kids. At 12 years old, she thinks she knows it all.

But then Lilly becomes unsettled by odd events, like seeing the sinister man in the white shoes staring at her while she walks the dogs, and then local children start to go missing. When her mum doesn't come back from one of her regular night-time jaunts, Lilly's gran thinks it's time to tell her the whole story. Lilly has second thoughts about whether her family's secret is a blessing, or a curse...

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