I finally got to read the last in the wonderful Liberty Sands series and am now suffering post series blues!

Following directly on from where we left the last book we finally get a resolution to Holly’s love life… and while she may not end up with who you think, for me the ending was perfect!  We also see Holly’s career taking off on all fronts, the blog is doing well and she now has now adventures in other fields so she doesn’t have to worry about providing for her children any more.

In the last book I was torn over my feelings for Philippe and whether I wanted him and Holly to make a go of things, but this book cleared my feelings up and I was glad with how the conclusion panned out.  I have to say that in this book you really can’t help but be irritated by his selfishness!

Not just a love story there are plenty of twists in the family drama, in this book we finally have Holly’s mother introduced properly and we uncover some pretty major family secrets!

The book is very fast paced and you’ll race through to the conclusion – an enjoyable little holiday from the reall world!

It's Never Too Late To Say
The Liberty Sands Trilogy
Julia Roberts
ripped ltd
26th May 2016

An emotional and at times tragic conclusion to the Liberty Sands trilogy, It’s Never Too Late To Say… uncovers terrible family secrets that have long been buried.
Holly Wilson seems finally to have it all: a beautiful baby daughter, a son about to embark on an exciting career, a glamorous new job in television, and an adoring boyfriend in bestselling novelist, Philippe. But something isn’t quite right…
In another part of the country, Carol has liver cirrhosis and is suffering from alcohol induced dementia causing her to relive memories – dreadful memories – of sins committed against her and those she has inflicted on others. Her carer, Helen, hopes a meeting with someone from the past might help mend Carol’s broken soul, but time is running out and there is something Helen has been keeping secret.
What links Holly to Carol and Helen? And who is Nick, the handsome stranger who has just walked into her life?

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