With thanks to the publisher for sending me this surprise book in the post – when Sarah is summoned by her Godfather to his school for ragged children following the death of her father, she is surprised  by his request that she come to the school and assist with the paperwork, for he is in ill health and needs assistance.  On her very first day she is thrown into the deep end with the discovery of a new pupil for the school, a little girl found by the side of her dead mother and so traumatised she has lost the power of speech, without a name Sarah calls her Monday after the day of the week she is found.

Her experiences at the school are a learning curve for Sarah as she tries to understand the teaching methods and how the staff manage to make ends meet with limited supplies and budget.  Growing close to the staff (the school master in particular), Sarah grows in confidence and is soon facing big challenges and thinking up big plans to keep the school running.

A very interesting read however the ending in this case left me a little disappointed as there were a few plot lines that weren’t tied up – however this book is the beginning of a series so I’m sure that this strings will be followed into the next book and this works well as a way to get the reader to read on

Sarah herself was a very interesting character who is showing signs of being a women striving for independence in a world where men saw women as second class – where they should be at home in a domestic environment and not running business – it’s clear that there are other strong women also emerging and who will probably feature more in a later book – perhaps with more direct gaze on the suffragette movement?

Monday's Child Book Cover Monday's Child
The Ragged School Series
Linda Finlay
20th October 2016

A little girl is found abandoned on a beach one chilly Monday in October, alone apart from the body of her mother, cold beside her.

Rendered completely silent by her traumatic experience, she is given the name Monday by the woman who discovers her and takes her to the Red Cliffs Ragged School - an old, crumbling building perched above the Torquay bay.

Her saviour, twenty-two-year old Sarah Sullivan, has also had a tough life. But when she was summoned to help out at Red Cliffs - a haven for poverty-stricken children from the cities - by her godfather Samuel she also found her own second chance within its walls. Now she will do anything to help the mischievous, loveable children there. Especially Monday whose continued silence tears at her heart.

But with Samuel's health failing and his grasping nephew Christian eager to inherit, Red Cliffs is under threat. Sarah needs to fight - the children need her, and surprisingly she find she needs them. Will she be able to save the school and protect the little girl she's come to love so much, the one she's named Monday's Child?

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