Katie Price’s latest autobiography promises lots of scandal and gossip. Covering her divorce from Alex Reid, her relationship with Leo Penna, the on going battles in the press with Peter Andre and her marriage to Kieran Hayler and forth pregnancy.

Having read Katie’s previous autobiographies I was looking forward to reading this, not because it would be a work of literary brilliance, but because they are usually honest and full of scandal. While this latest instalment certainly had plenty of scandal and gossip, I was left disappointed. Love, Lipstick and Lies is VERY repetitive and if I’m honest I was bored. A number of times I nearly gave up reading it completely, but pushed myself to continue as I hate leaving a book unfinished no matter how bad it is.

Love, Lipstick and Lies was no where near the standard of her previous autobiographies. The language used was so simple, while that made it an easy read it just didn’t hold my attention. Which alongside the repetitive nature of the whole book made it a very dull read.

This book felt like an opportunity to slate and blame everyone she could for recent events. I very much doubt I would read any future autobiographies that she may release in the future. I think this was one autobiography too many.

Love, Lipstick and Lies Book Cover Love, Lipstick and Lies
Katie Price
Cornerstone Digital

The latest instalment in the fascinating life of the one and only Katie Price.

The last three years of Katie Price's life have been some of the most dramatic and startling yet. In this dazzling instalment of her life, Katie reveals the many ups and downs from the highly publicised divorce from Alex Reid, the romance and split from Leo Penna and a whirlwind marriage and surprise pregnancy with Kieran Hayler. And that'’s just her love life.

Katie has also dealt with increasingly bitter disputes with first husband Peter Andre and her former manager, as well as her public spat with comedian Frankie Boyle who made offensive comments about her disabled son Harvey.

Despite her personal life being played out in the public arena, Katie remains true to her heart by always speaking her mind and living life to the full. Lipstick, Love and Lawsuits gives her side of the story, once again expressing her humour, passion and strength to her loyal fans.

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