As some of you may have noticed, us Compelling Reads ladies have been much quieter recently. It has been a busy few months. I started a new job last month, which I love, but has been pretty time consuming with the amount I am having to learn and the exam I had to prepare for. I am certainly in for a busy couple of years as there are a number of post graduate courses I need to undertake. But hey, it’s all exciting and I am certainly looking forward to the challeneg.

But enough about me……

In other news, the other half of the Compelling Reads duo, Amy finally got hitched on Saturday. It’s been a long time coming and I can honestly say it was the most incredible wedding. Amy looked absolutely stunning, the groom scrubbed up pretty well and then there was the most glorious weather and the stunning venue (which even had a small library). I was honoured to be able to be a part of your special day and to have my minions as your page boy and flower girl.

So once again Amy congratulations and best wishes to you for your future married life!!!!! Enjoy your honeymoon!!


And here are a few pictures of the day 🙂



2015-08-22 14.36.06-1


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