So as part of this blog tour, I was asked to think about my best holiday memory. Now I’ve thought very hard about this and I’m going to cheat a little. It’s not a specific holiday memory, but the memory of a holiday. One which I will always remember as it was the last holiday I had with my mum before she passed away (quite apt considering the book tour this is for).

It was July 2003 myself, my parents and my younger brother and sister went to Great Yarmouth for a one week holiday. No where flashy or overly exciting, but yet I still look back on this holiday with fond memories. We had only been due to stay for a week, but my mum had recently undergone some pretty major surgery and was enjoying herself so much my dad decided we should stay another week. And lucky for us my dad managed to arrange this 🙂 I had a pile of holiday reads stashed in my bag to get through and the weather was beautiful.

So we had two glorious weeks by the beach in Great Yarmouth, playing in the amusements and just spending good old quality time together as a family (when my mum wasn’t napping – she was still recovering). We ate at restaurants, visited the local towns and went shopping for random gifts and trinkets and spent hours in the pool. It was the longest holiday we ever had together as a family, it was so relaxing and we all felt so much better for it afterwards. We came home elated and refreshed, my mum had finally been given the all clear and life was finally starting to return to normal and we were all so much closer.

I remember this holiday more than any other, not only as it was my last with my mum but for the  few precious photographs I have from that holiday of myself and my mum. Believe me those photos are rare as my mum hated having her photo taken. So even all these years later, I look back at the few precious photographs I have and it still feels as though it only happened yesterday, not only that but I remember my mum as being happy and healthy 🙂



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Hannah Beckerman’s Best Holiday Memory

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