Having thoroughly enjoyed Amy’s last book Three Steps Behind you I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to read her new book Hide & Seek!


Will & Ellie are expecting their first child but Ellie feels Will’s mother Gillian is stifling them, having recently lost her own parents she is looking at the differences between her mum and Will’s, and she doesn’t believe Will’s family is all that it seems.  When the finding of a CD from a pianist who is the doppelganger of her husband begins the unraveling of a huge family secret the book falls into a dark world of memories and psychology as Will begins to find the truth of his childhood and who he really is.

A really interesting narrative in this book as it is told from the viewpoint of all of the main characters, given a unique perspective into their psyche as the story is told.  I actually found it hard to like any of the characters, Will is clearly dealing with significant new memories and mental illness.  Ellie it feels is not over her parents death and determined it seems to Will to lose his family and have a new perfect one of her making.  Gillian is vastly overprotective and willing to do anything to stop the truth coming out, and Sophie is unable to come to terms with the truth and constantly running from it.

It’s a book full of secrets and lies, the worst kind of lies – the onesof who a person actually is, but is the truth being hidden for the right reasons? Is it a mothers love, the need to protect a child that is enough to hide the shocking truth for 30 years?  Is Ellie right to reveal the truth to Will or is this ultimately going to make things worse?    These are the many things that the story makes you questions as you read and so many more as well.

This is another real page turner, that I couldn’t put down eager to find out the truth of Will and what would happen when that truth was finally uncovered.  Another great psychological story from Amy Bird!  Full of darkness but it keeps you intrigued and glued to each and every page!


Hide & Seek Book Cover Hide & Seek
Amy Bird
2nd October 2014

Nobody’s life is ever perfect. Families tell lies. People keep secrets. But the life which Will and Ellie Spears have built together is as perfect as it’s possible to be.

Until one day something is let slip. A discovery is made. And all of a sudden Ellie and Will’s life falls down, as acceptance gives way to an obsessive search for answers.

Families tell lies. People keep secrets. But sometimes the truth is much more dangerous.

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