We’ve been hearing a lot about this book at Compelling Reads so were very excited when we opened our post to find a beautiful little package of this book accompanied by the letters from missing Bethan.

Bethan went missing nearly 2 decades ago, some thought she’d simply run away from home following an attack on her grandmother, whilst others fear she may have been killed.

In present day student Katie has also gone missing, another presumed teenage runaway & when letters arrive at the desk for the agony aunt colum of Dear Amy, Margot (teacher and agony aunt) is spooked.

Told from the perspective of Katie as she is abducted and alluding to her experiences whilst there and also from Margot’s as she deal with the letters and becomes part of the enquiry into what happened to Bethan all those year ago.

We learn as the story progresses of Margot’s own experiences from a bad childhood, drug addiction and homelessness and struggles with breakdowns.  Now she is dealing with a divorce and she’s off her medication but she is sure that their is something in the letters from Bethan and perhaps Bethan may even be someone that she knew in her younger life.

I loved the little insights into how Margot’s experience has shaped her – the glimpses in to her time with the nuns and friendship with Angelique. You can understand that she feels she’s worked hard to be in the teaching position she is now in and doesn’t want her past to be revealed and threaten her way of life.  However it is clear that she is still affected by mental health issues.

The story is very cleverly written and has a bit of a twist that you may not see coming!  This book certainly had me gripped and I was chilled by the actions of the abuctor.  Although he isn’t featured much you get a sense for the psychological damage he caused any surviving victims.

My favourite psychological novel so far this year!

Dear Amy Book Cover Dear Amy
Helen Callaghan
Michael Joseph
16th June 2016

In her guise as 'Dear Amy', agony aunt for a local newspaper, Margot Lewis has dealt with all sorts of letters - but never one like this...

Dear Amy,

I've been kidnapped by a strange man.
I don't know where I am.

Please help me,
Bethan Avery

This must be a cruel hoax. Because Bethan Avery has been missing for nearly two decades.

But as the present-day search intensifies for another missing schoolgirl, Margot is unnerved enough to take the letter to the police, hoping they will dismiss it as a sick joke.

Instead, they let Margot in on a little secret. One that confirms her darkest fears and tangles her up in the search for the sender, which could save one young girl's life and cost Margot her own...

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