The Lodger – C L Taylor

The Lodger – C L Taylor

I’ve had this short story on my kindle since it was released from C L Taylor’s newsletter, sadly life (a newborn baby) got in the way of me being able to read this till now whilst clearing my vast to read pile on my kindle!

The Lodger introduces us to Laura on the anniversary of her husband Steven, it seems that Laura is not dealing well with his death and after a break in at her home, good friend Ian suggests his homeless brother move in as a lodger.

There’s a creepy twist in the narration of the story as between Laura’s view is this other voice, the voice of someone who is watching Laura, moving in on her. The narration is superbly chilling I had shivers!

For a short story this really did give me the chills and it has a couple of very good twists before it concludes.  C L Taylor just knows how to capture her reader! Loved it!

The Lodger Book Cover The Lodger
C L Taylor
Published to C L Taylor's newsletter
21st March 2017
9000 words

When Laura's husband Steven dies in a tragic accident she no longer feels safe in her own home. Joe, the homeless brother of a friend, offers to move in but Laura isn't keen. When she returns home one day to find that something terrible has happened she has no choice but to invite Joe to stay...

Unleashed – Colours of Love – Kathryn Taylor

Unleashed – Colours of Love – Kathryn Taylor

With thanks to ED PR and Netgalley for our copies of this book to review.  We’ve read and enjoyed the earlier 2 books in this set at Compelling Reads so it was a no-brainer when we were offered this one.

Grace has now been married to Jonathan for a year so we get an insight into their marriage.  However things are perhaps not quite as happy as they could be, Jonathan is working away a lot and when Grace makes a surprising discovery she’s not sure how to discuss it with him.

I was expecting a full long novel, so I was bit surprised when this ended after only a few pages as just with the other books it’s a read that pulls you in and makes you want to read on.

Because it’s such a short story i can’t say too much without major spoilers, ideally with this one you’ll need to have read the earlier books to understand the back story, and it again still leaves you with questions about the mysterious Yuuto.  I hope there is more coming in this series

unleashed, Colours of Love 3 Book Cover unleashed, Colours of Love 3
Kathryn Taylor
Bastei Entertainment
30th November 2015

Like a fairy-tale, it should have been so wonderful: after a year of marriage, Grace Huntington still experiences undreamt-of passionate bliss. But stubborn doubts keep eating away at her. Despite the many happy moments when she feels close to Jonathan, sometimes he seems just as inscrutable as he did at the start. And now she has something to confess, something she knows will put an enormous strain on their relationship.

Finally, it's what all the COLOURS OF LOVE fans have been waiting for: the continuation of Jonathan and Grace's captivating love story.

The Cat With A Really Big Head – Roman Dirge

The Cat With A Really Big Head – Roman Dirge

With thanks to Titan books for a copy of this book.

A beautiful hardcover book containing the twisted short stories of Roman Dirge.

Each story is wonderfully tragic & twisted. I think adults & some adult children with s dark sense of humour will really enjoy these. There’s definitely a hint of Tim Burton in amongst the pages.

what really makes this books are the beautiful illustrations that bring the stories to life! If you’re a little bit twisted check this out!

The Cat with the really big head Book Cover The Cat with the really big head
Roman Dirge
Titan Comics
30th June 2015

This is the tragic story of a cat called Cat and his stupidly enormous over-sized head as he struggles with day-to-day problems like coping with hairballs, trying to eat Chunky Beef Chunk With Beef catfood or dealing with the neighbourhood mouse, Mr. Stinky and his army of annoying mice. Life hasn't dealt Cat a good hand, but still there's always the prospect of reincarnation and a better life isn't there..?

Unthology 5

Unthology 5

What a great little collection of short stories!

I was looking for something easy to read between books and found this little gem amongst my to read pile, it’s full of well written stories (as with any collection some are better then others, some are flicked through if I’m honest because they weren’t holding my attention), but overall this was well worth the read.

There’s some really chilling tails in this collection, from the woman who smashes up a shop, the lady recounting her story of being held captive as a child and the father who returns home having just murdered his child, these may be short but they grip you and chill you to the bone.


Unthology 5 Book Cover Unthology 5
Unthank Books
25th June 2014

In the latest Unthank Books' celebrated series, you find yourself surfacing, dazed in the waiting room. You read snatches of lines over the shoulders of raincoats. In the carriage you have glimpses and visions. At your destination you can hear space, see thunder, taste realization. You are running towards something, someone in the trees who holds out to you an understanding hand. Welcome to the wonderful and sometimes frightening world of UNTHOLOGY 5.

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero – Harriet Evans

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero – Harriet Evans

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero is one of the 2014 Quick Reads titles. Having heard so much about these on social media over recent months, it was only right that when I finally came across them in my local Waterstones, I had to buy myself a couple. And at £1, what a bargain! I think they are a brilliant concept and will entice even the most reluctant readers to pick up a book.

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero is a short story following Laura and Nick. Nick is from an old aristocratic family, with stately homes and trusts to manage; Laura is your normal girl next book. They make the most unlikeliest couple, yet they have fallen in love. But can Laura fit into Nick’s world? Is Laura the “one” for Nick? And will he ever commit to her and make her his Lady?

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero is the sequel to A Hopeless Romantic, the full length novel in which we first meet Nick and Laura (This has been quickly added to my wish list). This was a beautifully written book which was certainly not compromised by it’s short length. It was a compelling, page turner from the beginning. Each chapter begins with a tip in relation to dating; I found these hilarious and insightful to what lay ahead, they really added some light heartedness to this novella.

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero is well paced and has a well developed plot, which is full of unexpected twists and turns. This certainly was a quick read, but it was one which I did not want to put down and was certainly sad to see end. I did love the ending however, it made me really fall for Nick and Laura. They are a fabulous couple and even though they appear to have nothing in common, they are the perfect couple.

If you don’t buy any other book this summer, please pick up this book! Quick Reads are a fabulous concept and really do offer some fabulous reads 🙂

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero Book Cover Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero
Quick Reads
Harriet Evans
Harper; Quick Reads edition

An absorbing and romantic Quick Read from the Sunday Times bestselling author.

Do you believe in happy endings?

Laura Foster used to be a hopeless romantic. She was obsessed with meeting her own Prince Charming until she grew up and realised real life doesn’t work like that.

Then she met Nick. A romantic hero straight from a fairytale, with a grand country estate and a family tree to match.

They’ve been together four years now and Laura knows that what really matters is the two of them, not everything else around them. She can’t imagine ever loving anyone the way she loves Nick.

Now, though, people are openly asking when they’ll hear wedding bells, and Nick is keeping secrets from Laura. She’s starting to feel she might not be ‘good enough’ for his family.

Can an ordinary girl like Laura make it work with one of the most eligible men in the country?

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