Always the Bridesmaid  – Lindsey Kelk

Always the Bridesmaid – Lindsey Kelk

I bought this book at the Fabulous Night In and was itching to read it after hearing Lindsey read an extract from it.


Maddie has just been asked to be bridesmaid for her best friend Lauren, which would be great except Maddie works as an event planner and spending her free time planning her friends wedding with her incessant calls and outrageous timescale isn’t top of her to do list.  To top it off fellow bridesmaid and best friend Sarah has just announced her divorce so for her the thought of a wedding also isn’t joyful.

At work Maddie is being looked down on by her boss, when the chance of a promotion is forced on her she finds even more of her time being taken up planning the event to perfection, but it seems things just can’t go right.

Atleast her love life is looking up with the introduction of a handsome best man Will who she picks up whilst waitress at a work event, and then there is the mysterious Usher Tom, who also keeps appearing.

The book had some genuine laugh out loud moments, as well as some more touching moments… it’s so well written I was expecting real life pink rabbits to greet me from the pages.  Lindsey never fails to deliver in her books and if you loved her earlier books you’re not going to be let down by this one.

A real little gem.

Always the Bridesmaid Book Cover Always the Bridesmaid
Lindsey Kelk
7th May 2015

The hilarious new novel from Lindsey Kelk, author of the bestselling I Heart series

Everyone loves a bridesmaid - except Maddie, who’s perpetually asked to be one.
Everyone loves a wedding - except Maddie’s best friend, who’s getting divorced.
And everyone loves the way Maddie’s so happy behind the scenes - except Maddie herself.
One best friend is in wedding countdown while the other heads for marriage meltdown. And as Maddie juggles her best chance at promotion in years with bridezilla texts and late-night counselling sessions, she starts to wonder – is it time to stop being the bridesmaid?

The Cat With A Really Big Head – Roman Dirge

The Cat With A Really Big Head – Roman Dirge

With thanks to Titan books for a copy of this book.

A beautiful hardcover book containing the twisted short stories of Roman Dirge.

Each story is wonderfully tragic & twisted. I think adults & some adult children with s dark sense of humour will really enjoy these. There’s definitely a hint of Tim Burton in amongst the pages.

what really makes this books are the beautiful illustrations that bring the stories to life! If you’re a little bit twisted check this out!

The Cat with the really big head Book Cover The Cat with the really big head
Roman Dirge
Titan Comics
30th June 2015

This is the tragic story of a cat called Cat and his stupidly enormous over-sized head as he struggles with day-to-day problems like coping with hairballs, trying to eat Chunky Beef Chunk With Beef catfood or dealing with the neighbourhood mouse, Mr. Stinky and his army of annoying mice. Life hasn't dealt Cat a good hand, but still there's always the prospect of reincarnation and a better life isn't there..?

Bride Without A Groom – Amy Lynch

Bride Without A Groom – Amy Lynch

With big thanks to Amy Lynch for allowing us a copy of Bride Without A Groom in exchange for an honest review.  It’s been sitting on my kindle for some time & I was eager to get to it.  Following a little stint of crime novels I felt it was time for a break with something a little more witty and this was the perfect pick.

Rebecca is busy planning her wedding, she’s chosen her dress, knows what designer she wants for the bridesmaid, spoken to the vicar and even booked the honeymoon.  There’s just one teeny tiny problem in her planning…. her boyfriend Barry is yet to propose.

Barry feeling pushed by Rebecca into popping the question has finally had enough and a huge fight ensues just as he flies off on a business trip abroad.  Rebecca is left at home wondering if the relationship is over, slumming in the tracksuit eating junk food she is unable to function and when she does try to go back to work she doesn’t last very long.  Meanwhile Barry has problems of his own with a colleague making it very clear she has designs of her own on him, can he escape her clutches and forgive Rebecca.

Rebecca’s narrative had a very strong voice and you learn a lot about the central characters thoughts and feelings.  If I’m honest I’m not sure I liked her in the sense that her imaginings on herself, her wedding and Barry were exhausting (and you can understand why Barry reacts the way he does to her constant wedding talk), but this was also very funny. From her run in with the neighbours wing mirror, to her attempts to ‘work’.  It’s a great book for a holiday read if you want something light and fun.

Bride Without A Groom Book Cover Bride Without A Groom
Amy Lynch
7th May 2015

Fast-paced, fun and super commercial. Laugh-out-loud funny, it packs a real punch!

This is the perfect page-turning summer holiday read for every woman - single and married alike. Witty and packed with brilliant observations of Rebecca Costello’s desperate attempts to get her boyfriend Barry to propose to her. Rebecca is the ultimate Bridezilla – but with a twist - as the only wedding she’s planning is the one in her imagination! So when an exhausted Barry ups and leaves for a business trip to Bangkok where he creates a few misdemeanours of his own, Rebecca is left heartbroken and alone. She’ll do anything to get her man back – but has she gone too far this time? And will Rebecca want Barry back when she finds out what he’s been up to?


‘Terrific, punchy, to the point and full of energy . . . exactly the kind of book I’d want to take on holliers with me.’ Claudia Carroll

To Catch A Creeper – Ellie Campbell

To Catch A Creeper – Ellie Campbell

Thanks to Fiction Addiction Book Tours  to sending us a copy of To Catch a Creeper to read.  This had been sitting in my to be read pile for a while and kept calling out to me, so I finally got round to reading and am glad I did.

To Catch A Creeper tells the story of Cathy, a married hard working mother who has found herself working for one of London’s top advertising agencies.  Confronted by office politics that she’s unaccustomed to Cathy leans on her best friend Rosa for support but when Rosa’s pregnancy complications prevent her from working Cathy is thrown in at the deep end and struggles to swim.

Following the nastiness in the office 9not on her part) Cathy finds herself suspended, with a sick cat, a senile neighbour and a husband she believes to be having a nervous breakdown to deal with.  To avoid him finding out about the suspension and pushing him over the edge she finds her time being taken up by the Crouch End Creeper, a local burglar targeting properties in her area and Cathy begins investigating who this could be.

The book was full of humorous moments and I find this to be a bit Bridget Jones esque, the investigation into the creeper may not be thorough and the ending comes a bit too suddenly but overall there was enough going on to keep the reader intrigued and some very interesting characters discussed.

Definitely one that’s worth a read!



‘It must have been horrendously frightening, Cathy,’ Holly Willoughby’s sparkling white teeth are shining directly into my eyes causing me to spontaneously blink, ‘finding yourself stalked and then almost strangled to death.’

‘Oh yes,’ I nod and refill my water glass. ‘Terrifying.’

Although, I squirm as three huge cameras circle closer like a cackle of hyenas moving in for the kill, nowhere near as terrifying as being on live TV. All through the interview I keep getting these uncanny impulses to indulge in a touch of Tourette’s, spouting obscenities while intermittently flashing a nipple.

‘And then not only did you capture the culprit but you managed to turn the situation round and through it launched the most talked about advertising campaign this decade.’

‘Not just me…’ I grin bashfully as Camera One’s red light gives a little wink in my direction.

‘So as a woman who’s spent the last eight years as a mother and housewife,’ Holly continues brightly, ‘how are you finding it being back out in the workplace?’

How am I finding it? Fantastic. Sodding-bloody-fantastic, I want to reply but for some reason, ever since the camera did that little wink, my throat simply refuses to co-operate.

‘It’s a…a…’ I cough and reach for the water, ‘case of…’

‘And balancing this brand new exciting career with taking care of two primary-school age children?’ prompts her co-presenter nicely. ‘You must be very organised…’

‘Well, Joseph… I mean Jason… I mean…’

And that’s it. My mouth freezes while I rifle through my memory bank trying to recall his name. Jason or Joseph… But no, it can’t be either. Joseph was the biblical character that this guy portrayed at a West End theatre and Jason…he was the ex-Neighbours actor who also played Joseph as well as dating Kylie Minogue and picking David Guest’s nose on some reality show. So this guy, the one sitting in front of me, all mike-ed up, awaiting an answer while millions look on… God, who is he? Sweat pools under the armpits of my new Vivienne Westwood polka-dot dress with the waist-cinching corset as I scan and rescan his grey speckled hair and cute baby face. ‘The thing is…’

A reassuring hand rests on my arm. For the fifth time this morning, Rosa steps    in to save me.

‘Oh she is, Phillip,’ she laughs lightly. ‘Super-organised, that’s our Cath. Packed lunches prepared night before. Uniforms folded neatly on chairs. Dishwasher and washing machine fully loaded. Plants watered. Fish fed. Wonderwoman has nothing on her.’

She slaps me on the back, just as I take another gulp of water. Instead of drowning the giant South American toad now living in my larynx, a fountain shoots out from my mouth and nose.

Holly smiles once more as she smoothly links back to the weather, before the cameras wheel away, allowing her to dab at her water-spotted jacket and mercifully ending the second most scary moment of my entire life.

About the Authors

Ellie Campbell is a pseudonym for sisters, Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell who collaborate across the mighty Atlantic from their respective homes in Surrey, England and Colorado, USA, finding writing together a great excuse for endless phone conversations.   Together they have written three previous novels How To Survive Your Sisters, When Good Friends Go Bad and Looking For La La.   They love any chance to connect with their readers.

To Catch A Creeper Book Cover To Catch A Creeper
Ellie Campbell
Across the Pond Press
24th March 2014

Cathy is riding high in her brand-new job at a (surprisingly bitchy) top London advertising agency working with best friend Rosa. But when Rosa's pregnancy goes amiss and enemies sabotage her new career, she finds herself leading a chaotic double life of lies and deception, hiding a shameful secret from all, especially husband Declan who appears in the throes of a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile she's agreed to unmask the notorious Crouch End Creeper, a burglar terrorizing their neighbourhood. Little does she know that her meddling, assisted by fellow mothers (the Wednesday Once Weeklies) and the Neighbourhood Watch, will lead their dangerous opponent to murder. And that it's not only the tall elegant transvestite who is placing herself at risk...

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