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The ideal hero…

Creating the perfect man… isn’t this most women’s dream? You can design what he looks like (tall, dark and handsome), how funny he is (very), what he does for a living (tax inspectors need not apply), how romantic he is (runs the bath for you, and pours you a wine), you can essentially devise a wish list and watch as every box gets a big tick put in it. But perfection is boring. I wouldn’t want to share my life with a walking talking demigod – because I know that by comparison I’d never match up, so you have to throw a few flaws in there too, but nothing that can’t be overcome. We’re talking about a little bit moody (Fitzwilliam Darcy), a bit bumbling (Mark Darcy), or in the case of Will Scarlet, my loveable, gorgeous hero in Me, You and Tiramisu, a little bit famous. For Jayne, watching on the side-lines as Will rises in popularity, his charisma and killer cheekbones are swiftly becoming the biggest obstacle to their happiness. Jayne loved him when they were spotty teenagers drinking cheap cider from plastic cups in the park, this new Will is now public property and suddenly perfection seems very overrated indeed.
If you think about all the best romantic comedy heroes, they’re all quite charming (usually in a floppy-haired sort of way – Hugh Grant, I’m looking at you) but also, they’ve all got their foibles. Will, my hero, is undeniably gorgeous, but he also has a pair of grotty tracksuit bottoms that he insists on wearing when he has man-flu. He can cook a delicious feast, but also makes the kitchen look like a tornado ripped through it.
For me to want my characters to succeed, for them to get their happy-ever-after, I need to love them both, I need to want to root for them, and I want my readers to as well. I want them to fall in love with my hero, and I want them to like my heroine, and I want them to feel sad when it’s all going wrong and cheer when it turns the corner (for those who haven’t read the book, this may or may not happen, who knows?!) Will Scarlet is my first fictional hero, and he and his tiramisu will always have a special place in my heart…


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Me, You and Tiramisu Book Cover Me, You and Tiramisu
Charlotte Butterfield
23rd February 2017

Fall in love with the perfect feel-good romance for fans of Katie Fforde, Jill Mansell and Carole Matthews.

It all started with a table for two…

Life for self-confessed bookworm Jayne Brady couldn’t be better – she has a twin sister she adores, a cosy little flat above a deli and now she’s found love with her childhood crush, gorgeous chef Will.

But when Will becomes a Youtube sensation, thanks to his delicious cookery demos (both the food and his smile!), their life of contentment come crashing down around them. Can Jayne have her Tiramisu and eat it?

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