So in keeping with the theme of The Dead Wife’s Handbook. The Lovely Hannah Beckerman shares with us her best holiday memory…

My husband and I were on safari in Tanzania. We’d already been pretty lucky with animal sightings: wildebeest
migration, tribes of elephants, lions lazing in the mid-day heat, a leopard lounging in a tree – when our guide suddenly got a tip-off over his walkie-talkie. He wouldn’t tell us what it was as he drove the jeep through the early-afternoon Serengeti plains, but a few minutes later he found what he’d been looking for: a mother cheetah with three tiny cubs playing under a tree. There was nothing and no-one else for as far as the eye could see: just this beautiful family of cats, our jeep and the three of us. We spent the whole afternoon watching them play together and followed them as the mother tentatively tried to hunt while keeping the fiercest protective eye on her cubs. We didn’t leave them until, at almost dusk, they slipped off into a copse and out of sight. Our guide told us it was rare to get so much time alone with a whole family but it wasn’t really the rarity that was special for me: there was just something very beautiful about watching this mother care for babies – at times so protective, at others clearly getting annoyed with them for jumping on her and interrupting her sleep! – that it felt a privilege to watch. I’ve had some pretty amazing holiday moments since, but I think I’ll be hard-pushed ever to top that, and I’m sure we’ll still be reminiscing about in decades to come.




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