Death In The Rainy Season is the second book in the Commandant Serge Morel series. I was not fortunate enough to have read The Lying Down Room before reading this as Amy had reviewed that particular book last year.

I was a little concerned about starting this book without having read book one as I was worried I would be lost with the characters and knowledge of past events that would be needed in order for this book to make sense, but my concerns were very quickly put aside. While it focuses on Commandant Morel it a completely new story.

Death In The Rainy Season is set in Cambodia, where the story starts with a break in and a brutal murder. It becomes apparent that the murderer was someone who was known by the victim but at this point we do not know whom this person is. Luckily for Commandant Morel he happens to be in the right place at the right time (or not as he may be thinking) and is called in to assist in the investigation as it becomes apparent that the victim is related to a minister tangled up in all sorts of scandal. Straight away I knew this was going to be an interesting plot and I was right.

Commandant Morel faces a lack of resources, quirky investigation styles and politics in his quest to the truth making this a rich story which certainly kept me interested . Whilst this is a thriller, it is neither heart stopping or terrifying, but it is a beautifully crafted story full of layers which we have to peel away to discover exactly what has happened and who the murderer is. With beautifully formed characters which and are both fascinating and intelligent you really can not go wrong. This book certainly gives some insight in to some of the darker and seedier aspects of life, giving us an insight both in to life in France and Cambodia; making for a truly fascinating and compelling read.


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Death in the Rainy Season Book Cover Death in the Rainy Season
Commandant Serge Morel series
Anna Jaquiery

Morel put the papers down and rubbed his eyes. Who? he thought. Who was it that wanted him to see this? And how did it tie in with Hugo Quercy's death?

Phnom Penh, Cambodia; the rainy season. When a French man, Hugo Quercy, is found brutally murdered, Commandant Serge Morel finds his holiday drawn to an abrupt halt. Quercy - dynamic, well-connected - was the magnetic head of a humanitarian organization, which looked after the area's neglected youth.

Opening his investigation, the Parisian detective soon finds himself buried in one of his most challenging cases yet. Morel must navigate this complex and politically sensitive crime in a country with few forensic resources, and armed with little more than a series of perplexing questions: What was Quercy doing in a hotel room under a false name? What is the significance of his recent investigations into land grabs in the area? And who could have broken into his home on the night of the murder?

Becoming increasingly drawn into Quercy's circle of family and friends - his adoring widow, his devoted friends and bereft colleagues - Commandant Morel will soon discover that in this lush land of great beauty and immense darkness, nothing is quite as it seems . . .

A deeply atmospheric crime novel that bristles with truth and deception, secrets and lies: Death in the Rainy Season is a compelling mystery that unravels an exquisitely wrought human tragedy.

Through the rain, lightning flashed and thunder boomed. The river was a deep brown. Water would be filling the drains, Sarit thought. It would be running, swift and deep, beneath the city's footpaths. The thought of all that water made him unsteady, like the ground was brittle beneath his feet.

Gradually, as the rain intensified, everything blurred, until the world outside the window lost its familiarity and only the stark, gruesome scene inside the room remained . . .

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