First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brenna at Plexus Publishing for sending us a copy of Being Benedict Cumberbatch in exchange for an honest review.

Now I’m not a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fangirl but I do love Sherlock and I know a few Cumberbitches….. so there was a few people very interested in this new biography and I was keen to check it out.

Being Benedict is illustrated with lots of pictures of the new star which I’m sure some of the girls out there will enjoy greatly.  The book covers Benedicts life from the back story of his parents, his early childhood, school days through to his early career and more recent rise to fame, with lots of little facts and trivia bits thrown in for good measure.

Its a real quick, easy read and to be honest I doubt there’s much in the book that will surprise those hard core fans, but none the less its an enjoyable book and written in true fan girl style.. if your a hardcore Cumberbitch or just got a little crush you’ll probably want to check it out.


Kelly says…

I am fairly new to the world of Benedict, but after seeing various blogger friends swooning over Mr B and Sherlock, I found myself compelled to find out more. I was instantly hooked by Sherlock and found myself instantly becoming a huge fan of Benedict, so this book had huge appeal.

Being Benedict is full to the brim with photographs of every occasion and gives a fabulous insight to the life of Benedict. I loved the lay out and formatting of this book, it was appealing to the eye and made the book a quick and east read. Being Benedict is full of trivia and fascinating facts which I thoroughly enjoyed devouring, enabling me to learn more about this highly praised and admired actor.

As Amy said before, this is a book to check out if you have even the slightest crush on Mr B… It is well worth the read!

Being Benedict Cumberbatch Book Cover Being Benedict Cumberbatch
Joanna Benecke
30th April 2014
Illustrated with over 85 full-colour photographs His fans regularly discuss whether he looks more like 'an otter or a hammerhead shark , but that hasn't stopped actor-of-the-moment Benedict Cumberbatch becoming an international sex symbol on the very cusp of Hollywood superstardom. He's made geektelligence hot in the insanely popular BBC series Sherlock, attracted critical acclaim in 12 Years a Slave and The Fifth Estate, and explored his dark side in blockbusters like Star Trek: Into Darkness and the Hobbit trilogy. Along the way he s won the hearts, minds and Twitter accounts of an alarmingly enthusiastic global fan base, many of whom refer to themselves as Cumberbitches. But who is Benedict Cumberbatch, and why do teenagers, their parents and everyone in between love him so much? Illustrated throughout with full-colour photographs, Being Benedict Cumberbatch is an essential guide to the man at the centre of the Cumberverse.

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