After the End – Clare Mackintosh

After the End – Clare Mackintosh

Having read all of Clare’s previous novels I’m always excited when she releases a new one. This book is however something a bit different to her normal thrillers.

Max & Pip are a strong, happy couple with a beautiful little boy, but then their son Dylan gets sick and they are faced with the hardest decision any parent has to make.

But they don’t agree on the decision….

The ensuing story covers 2 possible outcomes that happen “after the end”. It doesn’t hold back from showing the pain, heartbreak & struggles that each character encounters as they question whether they’ve made the right decision.

This is probably the one book that will stay with me for a long time, it’s poignant and heartbreaking and a true credit to Clare.

After the End Book Cover After the End
Clare Mackintosh
25 June 2019

Max and Pip are the strongest couple you know. Only now they're facing the most important decision of their lives - and they don't agree.

As the consequences of an impossible choice threaten to devastate them both, nothing will ever be the same again.

But anything can happen after the end . . .

Dear Lily – Drew Davies

Dear Lily – Drew Davies

There’s something special about letters (we should write more), and I loved that this story was told by way of Joy’s letters to her sister.

Joy has done something completely out of character for her, and has found herself starting a new role in a new country, away from her family and friends – she is completely out of her comfort zone but through her letters you uncover her character, a bit of an overthinker, sometimes slightly neurotic but also very funny.

It’s a real uplifting story of starting over – it’s one sided being told through only Joy’s letters, but it totally works for the story arc – it’ll have you laughing at loud but also stiffling a few tears if you’re reading in public.

It’s also rare to find a “chick – lit” book written by a man that works so well – I didn’t even realise the author wasn’t a woman – fantastic read!

Dear Lily Book Cover Dear Lily
Drew Davies
17 May 2019

Dear Lily,

It’s me, Joy, your much wiser and (very slightly) older sister. I thought I’d start a new tradition of letter writing – now that we’re long distance.

On the plane over here, I began to cry in seat 21C. I think the magnitude of it finally hit me, after everything that happened…

I haven’t even unpacked yet – the only thing I’ve taken out of my suitcase is Harville, your beloved childhood teddy. Sorry for stealing him, but I need him more than you do. Every time I look at that little brown bear I think about our childhood. Remember that dance we made up to Annie’s ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life’? (Remember the broom choreography?)

I’m also sorry for abandoning you – I’ve always been your agony aunt, and a buffer in your infamous shouting matches with Mum. But I had to leave, Lily, I had to.

Anyway, I’m here now. I’m here to start over, and to face up to the past. I want to learn to laugh again, and to find someone to love who will maybe even love me back. You always told me I was just getting by, not actually living, so I’m finally doing it. Wish me luck, little sister.


Joy x

Cross Her Heart – Sarah Pinborough

Cross Her Heart – Sarah Pinborough

Having read “Behind her Eyes” previously I was looking forward to another installment of Sarah Pinborough’s work and dived right in to “Cross Her Heart”

Lisa is a single mother who keeps herself to herself, she has 1 good friend through work and is overly protective of her teenage daughter Ava. Ava, like all teenagers I’m sure, has her own secrets – she’s been talking to a guy online. However she isn’t the only one with a secret as the biggest secret is the one Lisa has been keeping for a very long time, and one which is about to be uncovered.

Once again Pinborough has crafted a brilliant psychological story, you’re pulled into Lisa’s world and as her secret unravels find yourself racing through to uncover more and just as the book’s tag line says “you won’t see it coming”

Stick with this one and you’re in for a treat!

Cross Her Heart Book Cover Cross Her Heart
Sarah Pinborough
21 February 2019

Lisa tells lies.

Most of them are small white lies intended to make the life of her daughter, Ava, easier.

But her biggest lie of all about to be exposed.

Because Lisa is lying to everyone.

Lisa isn’t who she says she is.

Lisa isn’t even called Lisa at all.

Her real name is Charlotte Nevill and as a child she was convicted of the brutal murder of her half-brother, Daniel.

Someone out there knows the truth. They’re determined to make Lisa pay. And they won’t stop until everything she loves is destroyed.

The Girl at the Window – Rowan Coleman

The Girl at the Window – Rowan Coleman

Seriously the people at Penguin must be researching my favourite things, I was so excited when an advanced copy of The Girl at the Window landed through my letterbox. Yorkshire, Emily Bronte, Rowan Coleman… literally jumping for joy in my hallway. My absolute all-time favourite book is Wuthering Heights and I’m so glad that Rowan Coleman picked Emily Bronte to centre this story around. Ponden Hall is a real home in Yorkshire, in the centre of the Bronte world. In this book it’s the setting for a wonderful story that’s as atmospheric as a true Bronte novel. Trudy has moved back to Ponden her family home with her son after her beloved husband goes missing in a plane crash. She is returning after a long time away and finds the home in desperate need of love and care. She left not on the best terms with her mother and being back also gives them a chance to reconnect and for her mother to start a relationship with her grandson. Ponden calls to it’s true owners and on her return some very spooky things begin to happen which led Trudy on a journey to uncover the history of some of Ponden’s previous occupants as well as it’s connection to Emily Bronte herself. It’s very clear through the novel that Rowan herself is a huge Bronte fan and clearly has a connection with Yorkshire. Her descriptions of the Moors truly bring to life on the page and I found myself longing to be back there myself. I haven’t visited Ponden myself before, but through the book I felt as much a connection to the house as its residents and if I get the chance to go back to Yorkshire I will make sure I pay a visit! Fans of the Bronte’s may be wary in reading this book but let me reassure you it’s a beautifully written story that pays them the respect they deserve. I loved it and it’s definitely one of my favourite books this year! It’s so lovely to share my love of the Bronte’s with someone!

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