With thanks to Plexus Publishing Ltd for allowing us a copy of this book in exchange for review. I’ve heard of 5 seconds of summer and it was becoming obvious this is an up and coming band, but I’d honestly not heard any of their music and didn’t know much about them, where they come from (Australia as it turns out – I’d assumed they were American for reasons unknown) or how many were in the band

Not being a fan of the band the book was a great quick insight into their journey from classroom to stadium shows.

Interspersed with biographies of each group member which are surprisingly detailed & lengthy, even giving you their birthday & star signs.

The book did seem to keep going back to the comparison between the band & one direction (& it seems there are a few but then there are also differences with the band being more punk then pop)

It’s full of photos as well so this would be great to add to a fans collection!

5 Seconds of Summer: All Exposed Book Cover 5 Seconds of Summer: All Exposed
Mick O'Shea
Plexus Publishing Ltd

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